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King Jesus Toulouse

God has a purpose for your life. We're here to help you discover it, develop it, and get you there.

God created each person for a divine purpose and for Him it is important that this purpose be realized in the life of each one of us. To the Ministry the King Jesus, we have the passion to see_cc781905-5c61843-bb3-bad-31958God's fulfillment in the life of every believer.  We have seen many people respond to their call, having decided to take the first step in their transition from believers to disciples of Christ. Here are some steps  to follow:



Attend a welcome party

As a new member of our family, we want to rejoice with you. The Bible says that Jesus came to give us abundant life and our passion, it is to go  helping people access all that God has in store for them. During this celebration you will learn the biblical principles that will lead younew way of life in the presence of God. To find out the date of our next welcome party, visit our information table during our services.

Participate in our training schools for your growth: School of the Family, Leader & Mentors

God's desire is for us to grow constantly in our walk with Him. Nos Écoles de formations pour votre croissance, sont conçues pour vous aider à atteindre cet objectif.


With our teachings, you will learn to pray, to intercede for others, to witness to what Jesus has done in your life and to develop your leadership potential as well as other biblical themes,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_which will allow you to advance to each stage of your journey.

Attend a Deliverance and Inner Healing Retreat

God has plans to prosper your soul, mind, and heart, so you can walk in the fullness of what He has for you. During our deliverance retreats, we sometimes retirer for a weekend to immerse ourselves in the presence of God and release past ties and emotional wounds.


To find out the date of our next deliverance and inner healing retreat, visit our information table during our services.

Discipleship of King Jesus 

Nos groupes de discipolat sont une excellente façon de se connecter avec notre église,  for receive the direction and personal outsourcing in your walk with God. The disciples (groups of disciples), gather with their mentor each month. It is a more intimate atmosphere, where you experience  an encounter with God, where 90 you will hear -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_un message puissant qui vous dirige dans votre vie personnelle et qui construit des relations fortes avec d' other believers like you.

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